Take a Farm Break

For all you people who have never met a farmer, they are really hard-core, like this guy:

Okay, maybe not, although my siblings and I were known to belt out a wicked tune now and then. Cows make a great audience.

Farmers are great people. They work 24/7 and encounter a lot of hardship along the way, but they also have one of the most rewarding occupations: They provide sustenance for the world. We would never think to ask a farmer if they make a difference in society, although they may question their impact on daily basis. As National Agriculture Week comes to a close, let’s keep farmer appreciation going all year long. I encourage you to go and meet local farmers in your area and thank them for everything they do. Make that trip to the farmers’ market you’ve been putting off for too long. Take a day-trip and visit that local farm with your family. Who knows, you may find your soulmate, or meet the coolest heavy metal farmer ever.


About samlaineperfas

Sam Laine Perfas is a Minnesota farm expat who now resides in Somerville, Mass. She is currently working in Boston as a journalist and audio producer. Realizing that a reporter’s brain never fully shuts off, she undertook blogging as a way to share her thoughts, observations, and snapshots as a reporter when she is off the clock and simply living life. View all posts by samlaineperfas

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